John Kostiuk

You could venture back in time to any point in computer history and check out a service and note that @maique had an account there…

Sunny day

Just need Motörhead to release an iOS app for Lemmy.

My breakfast is in a mood.

Pancakes and stuff with a sad face

Wall art octopus


A Vancouver story.

Photo of a boarded up shop window.

Coffee time. ☕️


Ain’t no rain going to stop me from drinking coffee. ☕️


Hanging out.

☀️ 🍕 🍺

Sunday. ☕️

Vancouver tonight… attention @merlinmann

☀️ ⛄️ 🍺

If Bear doesn’t come out of hibernation this year it might be time to move to Drafts.

It’s better to have more nirvana than darkness… 🍺

🍺 🐝

Looks familiar…

Nothing like ordering a latte and breakfast sandwich and realizing you still have your dogs poop bag in your pocket. Shit happens.

Sadly my podcast app of choice Castro seems destined for retirement. Last updated 11 months ago.


No ramen no life

Christmas meal. ☕️

7-Eleven has decided to sponsor Vancouver today in order to promote their Slurpee.

Finally get to play with Ivory… 🤓