John Kostiuk

Hanging out.

☀️ 🍕 🍺

Sunday. ☕️

Vancouver tonight… attention @merlinmann

☀️ ⛄️ 🍺

If Bear doesn’t come out of hibernation this year it might be time to move to Drafts.

It’s better to have more nirvana than darkness… 🍺

🍺 🐝

Looks familiar…

Nothing like ordering a latte and breakfast sandwich and realizing you still have your dogs poop bag in your pocket. Shit happens.

Sadly my podcast app of choice Castro seems destined for retirement. Last updated 11 months ago.


No ramen no life

Christmas meal. ☕️

7-Eleven has decided to sponsor Vancouver today in order to promote their Slurpee.

Finally get to play with Ivory… 🤓

Hard to leave a place if they are playing Led Zeppelin… 🍺 🎶

East Van…

I’m having a better day than Harry Kane.

Guess which country I live in…


A sticker collection worthy of @maique perhaps… 😜

Funny how my first follower on Mastodon turned out to be Don Melton.

Imagining the people who don’t know how to turn their phone off wondering what this Mass Udon thing is…

In these uncertain times one thing is for sure… Bryan Adams ain’t having a cheeseburger before the gig.

Today is a nice day to just look out the window while having a coffee… kinda wet in Vancouver.